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So you can take control of your Workers’ Compensation cost.

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Through implementation of our program – CompAdvisors – together we can drive your employee-related insurance costs down.

Workers’ Compensation

You can control your Workers’ Compensation cost if you take the right actions.

  • Insurance companies do not pay for employee injuries – they just finance them for you at a high cost. Do you know how much each of your employee claims is costing you?
  • Claim problems begin at the ‘date of hire’, not at the ‘time of injury’. Are you confident that your hiring practices prevent you from hiring claims?
  • Are you managing your employee claims with the carrier and medical provider or just monitoring them?
  • Experience modification factors are often wrong and not proactively managed. Do you understand where your experience modification has been, where it is heading and why?
  • Do you know what your minimum potential experience modification is and do you have a plan to achieve that?
  • You control if your audit is error and overcharge free, and 100% correct. Do you have a verification process of your audits?

Powerful, Proactive, Workers’ Comp Cost Control

You can slash your workers’ Compensation cost working with our agency to implement the right systems.

Our team of trained professionals will:

  • Find and correct any of your Experience Modification errors
  • Confirm that you have an ongoing error and overcharge free Workers’ Compensation program
  • Help you create processes to control your employee costs
  • Build a plan to take your experience modification to it’s minimum
  • Give you back cost control of your Workers’ Compensation insurance

Through implementation of our program, Toole CompAdvisors – together we can drive your employee-related insurance costs down.

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Finding and Fixing Audit Errors

A non-profit outpatient, long-term care facility with 512 employees in nine locations had a 1.71 Experience Mod with losses three times higher than expected. The CWCA reviewed the client’s program and found incorrect employee classifications, an inadequate deductible, and no injury management program in place. The CWCA recommended a higher deductible, an audit of current and two prior policy years, and safety programs be established. The deductible change and the audit review reduced the modification factor from 1.71 to ultimately 1.11.

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Driving your Experience Modification to a Minimum

A grading contractor with 42 employees had been with the same broker for 21 years and had a 1.4 experience mod. The CWCA’s review found a number of errors, including several high reserves on the mod Worksheet for claims that had been closed for two years. The CWCA’s findings were reviewed by the rating board who agreed and reduced the experience mod by 17 points. As a result, the experience mod dropped to 1.23 with an annual cost reduction of $11,050

Risk Management

Anatomy of a Claim

A social service agency with 390 employees and 22 locations experienced 27 Workers’ Comp claims totaling $89,000 within a six-month period. The CWCA met with the client and found they had no injury management program and were minimally involved in the overall process. The CWCA conducted supervisor training, established an occupational clinic relationship, and held training on how to manage a comprehensive return to work program. Six months later, the client has only had 11 claims with total costs of less than $1000.

Let us help you keep your Worker’s Compensation costs down.

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